Chairman Message

Our future inspires us. Our nation incites us.

We draw strength from the spirit of dynamism and discovery that has set the nation on a progressive course. We are proud to be part of its phenomenal development. As a holding company, our operations in various directions have furthered the growth of a number of individuals, institutions and corporates in the region. We have not only met the highest standards, but ushered in the future of services. While excelling in our numerous activities, we continue to identify avenues for improvement and expansion and extend our front-footed efforts to turn them into successful projects. To achieve this end, we keep bringing in the best talents from around the globe and integrate them into the unique ENH culture. The culture that upholds the values of a long heritage while embracing the vistas of a broader future.
We look forward with confidence, because we can look back with pride.

Mohammed Al Qubaisi

We believe

We believe that conviction is the cradle of values.

We have strong faith in a string of defining attributes that form the tendons of our philosophy, strategy and corporate attitude:

  • Respect to Society.
  • Innovative Spirit.
  • Independence and interdependence.
  • Market Responsiveness.
  • Maximizing ROI.
  • Customer-driven Policies.
  • Consistent Diversification.
  • Distinction by Quality.
  • Optimized Turn-around Time.

We Aspire

Ambition fuels progress. Built on the bedrock of qualitative excellence, our vision aims to become the most distinguished and trusted venture capital and business group in the region.

We Strive

Action transforms ideas into reality. Prudent in our plans and abundant in our reserves, we assiduously pursue opportunities that exist or emerge. Be it acquisition, partnership or startup, we undertake challenges with a clear sense of potential, mission and direction. With us, success is an inevitable outcome, God willing.

We Think

We think strategy makes the impossible possible. Before every move, we closely study the proposed operation in the light of the objectives outlined. That’s why we are able to successfully deliver new and improved lines of business. Armed with multifarious capabilities and market wisdom, we eliminate risks and explore potential ventures that are profitable. We realize that the emerging sectors of the economy offer unlimited opportunities for expansion. And we remain focused on the affirmative, propelled by strategic foresight and advanced infrastructure. We think ahead and thrash out the most appropriate strategies so that our clients could feel excited about the challenges of the unknown.